HSBC Bank (India)

The antecedents of the HSBC Group in India can be traced back to October 1853 when the Mercantile Bank of India, London and China was founded in Bombay (now Mumbai). Starting with an authorised capital of Rs 5 million, the Mercantile Bank soon opened offices in London, Madras(Chennai), Colombo and Kandy, followed by Calcutta(Kolkata), Singapore, Hong Kong, Canton(Guangchow) and Shanghai by 1855. The following hundred years were in many ways propitious for the Mercantile Bank. In 1950 it moved into its new head office building in Flora Fountain. The acquisition in 1959 by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited of the Mercantile Bank was a decisive factor in laying the foundation for today’s HSBC Group. Founded in 1865 to serve the needs of the merchants of the China coast and finance the growing trade between China, Europe and the United States, HSBC has been an international bank from its earliest days.After the Mercantile Bank was acquired by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the Flora Fountain building became and remains to this day, the Head Office of the HSBC Group in India.Through the 1990s, HSBC has vigorously developed its role as one of the leading banking and financial services organisations in the world. Its strategy of ‘managing for value’ emphasises the Group’s unique balance of business and earnings between older, mature economies and faster-growing emerging markets.HSBC in India is proud to have retained the Group’s pioneering streak by being an active partner in the development of the Indian banking industry – even giving India its first ATM way back in 1987. The organisation’s adaptability, resilience and commitment to its customers have further enabled it to survive through turbulent times and prosper through good times over the past 150 years.

Recruitment Procedure:
The bank offers internship as well as graduate hire progremmes. The selection process is as follows:
Step 1: Online application form
Step 2: Online ability tests and questions
Step 3: First assessment
Step 4: Final interview and assessments

Head Office
HSBC Bank,
Flora Fountain,
Mumbai (Maharashtra),


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